Thursday, December 02, 2010

Advent-urous Artists Day 2

Sewn by Marian Savill
Am I the only person in the northern hemisphere who is sick to death of hearing about the UK being in the grip of this "terrible weather"???  It's winter, it's cold, you get snow!  It's just weather, not good weather or bad weather, just weather!  We grind to a halt because we do not have the resources to put measures in place like countries which are more used to regular snowfall in winter.  If we used money to to do that no doubt the people moaning about how terribly unprepared we are would then moan about how much money we have wasted on equipment which stands idle for 99% of the year!  Stop whining, build a snowman, make yourself a hot chocolate with marshmallows and CHILL OUT!  ;oD  See above picture for an antidote to all the snow scenes!  Fiery, bright reds and oranges, that's more like it!  ;o)

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ostrichart said...

I completely agree.. let it snow, let it snow, let it snow... x